Landing pages are key to the performance of your campaign. Studies show that the more landing pages you use, the higher your overall conversion rate. Research also shows that you have a maximum of 8 seconds to make an impression with your landing page. Learn why landing pages are so important for your business, and what strategies can maximize your conversion rate.


Why You Need a Strong Landing Page


Whether you want to increase your client base or boost product awareness, your campaign’s landing page is the principle place where conversions occur. Your landing page drives purchases, requests for service quotes, newsletter signups, and much more.


Various sources have covered many of the standard practices that you should adhere to when designing a landing page. These standards practice absolutely must be utilized and include the following:


  • Have a mobile friendly/responsive landing page design.
  • Simplify your message and put the most important content above the fold.
  • Make it clear what you are offering, and what the benefits are.
  • Have a strong call to action.
  • Keep your web form fields to a minimum, so you don’t scare off your visitors with a tedious registration process.
  • Build trust with your landing page visitors through testimonials and trust seals.
  • Avoid outbound links that may lead your visitors away from the goal of conversion.

These practices for landing page design are essential and should be utilized and tested on an ongoing basis. However, if you want to supercharge your landing page conversion rates, drive a large quantity of leads, and impress your customers and clients alike, you will need something more!


In the weeks to come, Crescendo will be covering 7 advanced-level landing page tactics, rarely covered by others, so you know exactly how to execute them and why they are proven to perform!


7 Advanced Tactics to Increase Conversion Rate from Landing Pages


Incorporating the next seven advanced-level techniques in your landing page design will help you maximize conversions and yield impressive results.


And remember, we will be delving even further into each of the following 7 tactics over the next several weeks, so stay tuned and make sure you follow Crescendo’s blog to get all the details!


• Use one-click signup Simplifying the signup helps mobile users, who may not want to complete a long form on their phones. It also makes it easier for all users to sign up using their credentials from sites like Google and Facebook. With this simple move, you can decrease resistance to signup.

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Long form vs. Short formMost of the time, it’s best to keep your message short, simple and to the point so you don’t lose the audience. Longer landing pages generally see more attrition and less conversions, although there are notable exceptions to this rule that we’ll look at later.

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Give away something for free If your campaign is based around brand awareness, consider giving away something for free. A short ebook or whitepaper allows users to learn about you and exposes them to your brand, while increasing signups dramatically. Giving to get increases trust and entices the user to come back and purchase what you’re offering.

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Deploy visual cues to highlight your call to action – Both explicit (lines and arrows) and implicit (white space and color contrast) draw a user’s eye toward your call to action, increasing conversions in a subconscious manner.

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Using color to your advantage – The most striking landing pages use contrasting colors to draw attention, especially toward calls to action and buy buttons. White space on the page keeps things clear and focuses the user’s attention, while color can evoke an emotion, such as curiosity or excitement.

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Make use of video Including a video on your landing pages will really increase your conversion rates. Product videos can boost sales by up to 144 percent. Explainer videos can draw users in and offer you a direct way to use social proof and client testimonials to make your case.

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Using alternative lead generation form strategies – Some marketers are finding success with a light box button that opens a pop-up containing the lead generation form. This move makes the user feel more empowered, and may increase conversions. If the idea of giving the user control makes you nervous, consider a delayed popover overlay that serves after a set amount of time.


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