One-Click Signup On Landing Pages

The smoother you make it for new users to sign up for your product or service, the more conversions you will see. No technique makes this easier for you and your target audience than one-click signup. Learn precisely why one-click signup delivers high conversion rates across the board and how to set it up on your landing page.

What is One-Click Signup? 

One-click signup is exactly what it sounds like – a way for users to sign up for your email newsletter, ebook download, or service with a single click instead of a lengthy signup form.

One-click signup relies on a user’s existing credentials with websites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google, thus a user can opt to sign in with a single click using their Google (or Facebook or Twitter) credentials. If these credentials are stored in their web browser or smartphone, access is instant.

Since the method is simple, it’s extremely popular with mobile visitors. Users typing on a smartphone are less likely to enter long strings of information while on the go, especially when they can click to access what they want.

What are the Benefits of Choosing One-Click Signup? 

Intuitively, you understand that simpler processes make it easier for users to complete an action. It’s human nature to put off doing things that seem complicated.

Even if you have a simple signup form, busy users and users on the go may click away. Even if these users have every intention of coming back to your signup form later, some percentage of them inevitably slip through the cracks. This adds up to a lot of missed conversions. If your target mobile users, you need a one-click signup option now.

One-click signup improves your conversion rates by allowing users to quickly sign up. While there are circumstances where you need to gather more information from your users, thus need a longer signup form, a one-click option takes care of simple campaigns. You might use it prior to a new product launch or for an email newsletter, for example.

One-click signup is also a perfect solution for when you already have subscribers and want them to sign up for a new offering, like a webinar or sales funnel. If those users have already converted, why should they have to take the time to complete the same signup form they’ve already completed when they got on your email list?

You already have their information, and they don’t want to sign up again and wind up receiving all your emails twice. Studies show that up to half of your existing subscribers decide not to sign up for an additional service you offer (like the webinar event) due to redundancy.

How to Set Up One-Click Signup

Many existing marketing tools allow you to create one-click signups, which you can share on your landing page. If you use WordPress, you may be able to insert a one-click signup with a plugin, customize its appearance using CSS, then publish your page with confidence.

Alternately, you can pay for a dedicated landing page service that allows you to create different versions of your landing page, run A/B testing, and integrate one-click signup forms. These services include Unbounce Pages Landingi, Instapage, Wishpond, or LeadPages. These paid services usually pay for themselves by significantly increasing the number of customers who convert from your landing pages.

Over the next several weeks, we will be exploring additional ways to increase your conversion rate on landing pages. Stay tuned for other strategies that are proven to work!