The concept of giving something to get something is age-old. Yet it gains new relevance when applied to your landing pages. Next up in our series of landing pages advanced tactics, learn how you can win big by giving your page visitors a freebie and what types of incentives spur conversion.

Why Free Incentives Increase Conversions

Web users worry about spam. Many don’t want to give up their email address to just any company. Your job is to overcome their reluctance, and incentives do just that. According to a Marketing Inventive survey, 40 percent of web users are willing to join a mailing list in exchange for an incentive.

On your landing page, you are asking visitors to take an action, such as signing up for your email list or paying for a product or service. You know that some segment of visitors are naturally primed to convert. Perhaps you have a committed fan base who supports all of your projects. These users will convert no matter what.

However, the majority of users won’t convert – or needs an incentive to convert. They’re on the fence and want proof that you site isn’t spam and your offerings meet their needs.

Free incentives work well by giving landing page visitors a sneak peek into how you provide value for them. A freebie also acts as a measure of goodwill and supports the principle of mutual exchange. You aren’t expecting users to provide their email address on the assumption you will return valuable information at a date to be determined. You’re winning over their trust with proof of your value.

What Freebies Work Best to Increase Landing Page Conversions

There are many free incentives that work. Depending on your niche, choose from the following tried-and-true free offers:

Contest – To increase signups for an email list, consider hosting a contest. Users provide their email address in exchange for the chance to win a free trip, free product, gift card, or other prize. The contest prize doesn’t have to be related to your product. However, if you give away an unrelated item, you risk getting low-quality leads who are only interested in your freebie.

Giveaway – A low-cost, high-value giveaway can entice signups or sales. For example, say you offer premium party bars for outdoor living rooms. You might give away a free bottle opener or branded beer coozies when users sign up for your email list, purchase a cooler, or take another desired action.

Ebook or white paper – To demonstrate thought leadership or increase new client signups, prove your knowledge through a free ebook or white paper.

Webinars – If you offer an e-course, consulting services, or something similar, a webinar can connect you to your audience and increase conversions. While you should never give away the full product, you can tease users with an impactful mini-course that leaves them motivated to convert.

Free trial – In some cases, users need to experience something for themselves to find intrinsic motivation to pay for it. You might offer a free trial of your service, or create a video that acts as a virtual free trial. By letting visitors go behind the screen to try your product for themselves, you can pique interest. When you remain in touch with leads after the free trial ends, you can generate conversions.

In addition to adding an incentive to your landing page, don’t forget about our other tips to boost landing page conversions. The more of these strategies you implement, the more effective your landing page will be!